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In order to make sure the delivery time.
Please contact us to check stock before you order !

Notice : We will pay the AH fee for you , and what you got is exactly 1M .If you wanna buy the PS4-diamond or Xbox one-diamond please Contact us,thank you.

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Welcome to kwlgame.com , as for neverwinter diamonds trading , there are something I have to tell you as following :

As for the AH trading : Please price 1.12M for each item and we will pay the AH cut , which means what you got finally is exactly 1M for each item you put .

Display name : Please enter your char name as AH form . ex : [email protected] . If not , we can't find you in auction house .

The title of the items : You can easily put potion of healing or any items you want for exchanging astral diamond . Leaving message or contact us to comfirm your items .

The delivery time guarantee : The items you put will be bought within 30 mins by astral diamonds or we will refund your money if you claim for it .

Contact us : We recommend you to contact us to comfirm everything about your order .

FInally , thank you and wish you enjoy the shopping in kwlgame .


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