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Game : FIFA 2014
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In order to make sure the delivery time.
Please contact us to check stock before you order !

Contact us when you place an order,enjoy the shopping at kwlgame.com

FIFA coins Delivery method

  1. Please list a "BUY IT NOW" player in "tranfer market". 

  2. Contact us and tell us the info of the player as following:


  (1) Player Name

  (2) Position

  (3) Country  

  (4) Start Price

  (5) UT Name (Club)

  (6) Buy Now Price

  (7) Time remaining

  3. The player will be purchased by 5 to 30mins

 We cover the 5% in-game transfer fee,so if you buy 1000k,set the Buy Now Price 1050k

Attention: don't forget to give us the details of the player. 


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